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Image More than 16 different layers

We have 16 different layers (Airports, Waypoints, Navaids, POI´s, Positions, FIR-borders, SUA (Special use airspace - pict. below), Trips, Range & ETOPS-circles, GPS-tracker, Favorites, Notes, Images, Compass, Time zones and Labels. Many of this layers you can adjust by yourself.  

Image More than 16 different layers

You can switch/adjust in 3 different airport-classes (International, Regional and Airdrome, pict. below) and you can adjust the min and max. runway length (by clicking the "Scale"-button you can switch between feet ant meters.

Image More than 16 different layers

The waypoints are classified in 3 different types (Enroute-Wp, Navaid-Enroute-Wp and Terminal-WP, pict below). With the slider "min-zoom" you can decide at which zoom-level in the App the waypoints are shown up.

Image More than 16 different layers

The Navaids are classified in 6 different types (VORDME, VORTAC, VOR, TACAN, ILSDME and NDB, pict. below). You can switch on/ off each single Navaid with or without labels (using the Labels-button "on/ off"). Here you also have the possibility to select the zoom-level to show or hide the Navaids.

Image More than 16 different layers

In the POI-layer we have 8 different types of points of interest (Bridges, Buildings/Towers, Glacier, Dams/ Lakes, Landmarks/ Nature parks, Mountains/ Peaks, Race Tracks/ Stadiums and Volcano's. As descibes before you can switch on/ off every single POI, with or without the Label (name).

Image More than 16 different layersimg2 6

In the map POI´s are showed with a colored marker, when you click on this marker you´ll get further information's (a Google-link, the type of this POI, the elevation, the Wikipedia-link/ URL, Pict below) and when you click on "show comment" you´ll get the information about this POI.


Pilots Atlas App

Now available for iPad and iPhone.

Our famous Pilots “Free Flight” Atlas. Founded in 1998, is now available as an App for iPhone and iPad.

Detailed mapping with selectable aeronautical overlays.

Create your charts with the information you choose. Add private airports, waypoints, favorite locations, tips, notes, photos and ...

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